Minghe Group

Hunan Minghe Culture & Creativity Co., Ltd, serves mainly for cultureandcreativity industry. Focused on culture, driven by creativity, and supported by technology, Minghe dedicates to better combining new media technology with arts.The company works forproviding professionaltechnology of acoustic photoelectric system, creative ideas and application innovation.

It aims to build a fresh and vigorous cultural and creative enterprise that offer one-stop services in culture and tourism, urban cultural activities and urban public spaceand, and provide innovative solutions when needed.

Longli International New Media Art Festival

The first International New Media Art Festival in China was held in Longli Ancient Town, Guizhou Province. With a mix-match of light, electricity, fire, shadow, fog, laser, multi-channel acoustics and the water curtain imageThe Minghe woking group combines technology with culture and art in athrough the application of. Minghe group creates an amazing 3D live show the Legend of Longli, which reproduces the landscape and the cultural deposit of the ancient town and brings a wonderful visual feast to all new media artists, the performing artists and experts and the audience.

Liuyang International Fireworks Festival

Minghe group is committed to exploring a way of manifestation combining new media arts and traditional performance. During the Liuyang International Fireworks Festival, Minghe group respectively studied the characteristics of fireworks, laser and lamplight in details and brought them into full play.

Combining traditional fireworks with digital technologies, they manipulated the fireworks into Chinese characters and pictures in an innovative way.

3D Mapping Jinping Library

Being an indispensable part of the first Longli International New Media Arts Festival, 3D Mapping Jinping Library allows the old Jinping Library and the Wind-Rain Bridge transformed through 3D-mapped artworks. It braids into beautiful stories the unique cultural elements of Miao and Dong ethnic minority as well as local cultural relics, geographical landscape and humanity activities.

By projecting onto the 4000-square-meter building with 120 digital projectors, it does bring the visitors a wonderful experience with a combination of cultural creativity, science and technology.