The Launch of Nanjing and Suzhou Cities Joining UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) at the 2024 Nanjing International Symposium on Lifelong Learning

联合国教科文组织 | 06 08, 2024

  In February 2024, Suzhou and Nanjing officially joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC). The launch event, hosted by Ms. Cao Yumei, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, was held at 19 May 2024 in Nanjing, China during the "2024 International Symposium on 'Lifelong Learning Empowering Sustainable Urban Development'" and witnessed by nearly 300 Chinese and International participants. The UNESCO Institute for lifelong learning (UIL) promotional educational video and Nanjing and Suzhou city profile videos were played at the before the presentation of the certificates to the two Mayors at the international conference on lifelong learning in Nanjing.

  The congratulatory message videos of Ms. Stefania Giannini, Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO, and Mr. Raúl Valdés-Cotera, General Project Coordinator (acting) and Team Leader of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) conveyed greetings and congratulations to the approved 2024 Learning Cities including Suzhou and Nanjing Cities in China. Ms. Stephania Giannini highlighted in her speech to Cities that have joined the network in 2024 underscored that education and lifelong learning are crucial to addressing global challenges such as climate change and digital transformation, and proposes that the UNESCO GNLC is a real treasure that can address many challenges and promote progress in cities around the world.


  Mr. Robert Parua of UNESCO presenting the GNLC membership certificates to Vice Mayors of Nanjing and Suzhou © Nanjing University

  Mr. Robert Parua, Education Programme Specialist of UNESCO Reginal Office for East Asia, on behalf of UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning presented the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities membership certificates to Mr. Sun Baijun, Vice Mayor of Nanjing, and Ms. Ji Jing, Vice Mayor of Suzhou.

  Mr. Sun Baijun, thanked UNESCO for granting Nanjing the honor of being a member of the Global Learning City Network. He said that Nanjing will take this opportunity to adhere to the values of "Learned, Liberal, and Love" and broadly gather the strength of the whole society. Support the growth of various learning organizations and promote the popularization of lifelong learning systems throughout the city. At the same time, Nanjing will also strive to make greater contributions in promoting people's health and social welfare, promoting educational equality and inclusion, and developing vocational education.

  Ms. Ji Jing expressed her gratitude to UNESCO on behalf of the Suzhou Municipal Government. She said that Suzhou will always adhere to inclusive and fairness, actively learn from advanced experiences from around the world, accelerate the promotion of a learning city, continue to serve and promote the all-round development of every citizen, and advance higher-quality construction of the city with higher-quality lifelong learning services.

  Both cities expressed their gratitude for joining the GLCN © Nanjing University

  The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities is an international network aimed at promoting lifelong learning in cities around the world. Membership in the GNLC provides cities with the opportunity and solid platform to share best practices, engage in collaborative projects, and receive support in implementing innovative learning strategies for their citizens.

  The launch event for Suzhou and Nanjing joining the UNESCO GNLC marks a significant milestone in the nurturing and promotion of lifelong learning and sustainable urban development in these cities. This initiative not only enhances the educational landscape of Suzhou and Nanjing but fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation and sets a precedent for other cities in China and beyond to follow. The inclusion of the two cities in the GNLC is expected to have a far-reaching impact on local communities, educators, policymakers, and learners of all ages, encouraging collaboration and the sharing of the best practices on a global level using the two cities as a solid lifelong platform.

  The launch event marked a new chapter in the educational and developmental journey of Suzhou and Nanjing cities, setting a foundation for a brighter, more sustainable future.
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