Cyberpunk-style Yingge folk dance sets the 20th ICIF ablaze

GDToday | 05 24, 2024

  On May 23rd, the Shantou Pavilion at the 20th International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF) dazzled visitors with a cyberpunk-style Yingge dance performance. These robots, mimicking the characters from the classic Chinese novel "Water Margin", flawlessly matched the rhythm of the Yingge dance. The performance attracted many visitors to take out their phones and snap photos. GDToday reporters were told by an official on-site that using robots to perform the Yingge dance not only integrates technology with traditional culture, but also allows primary and secondary school students to learn programming while simultaneously gaining an understanding of the traditional Chinese culture embedded in the Yingge dance.

  Reporters | Li Qiaoxin, Qin Shaolong, Ou Xiaoming and Zeng Xiangxing
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