Changsha promoted at China-UNESCO cooperation achievements exhibition | 05 11, 2024

A night view of Changsha.

A night view of Changsha.

  Recently an exhibition was held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France to showcase the achievements made in the cooperation between China and UNESCO over the past decade. As the first and only city in China to claim the title of "City of Media Arts" in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, Changsha was promoted at the exhibition.

Several Chinese cities are on display in a section featuring

  Several Chinese cities are on display in a section featuring "UNESCO Creative Cities Network".

  The achievements exhibition showcased the 13 Chinese cities that have joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and the activities carried out between UNESCO and China from 2014 to 2024, reproducing the outcomes and brilliant history of cooperation between China and UNESCO.

Achievements of Changsha, the

Achievements of Changsha, the "City of Media Arts" are shown on the display board's upper right corner.

  Many Changsha elements were featured at the exhibition. In particular, in a section featuring "UNESCO Creative Cities Network", Changsha was on display, together with Beijing (City of Design), Weifang (City of Crafts and Folk Art), and other cities. Since becoming China's first "City of Media Arts" in 2017, Changsha has held the International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage Along the Silk Roads for seven consecutive years. Nearly 700 young people from 137 countries have participated.
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