Two Changsha museums shortlisted for China's top 100 most-searched museums | 04 09, 2024

  Guided by the Art Exhibitions China (AEC) and calculated by the Museum & Art News, the Chinese Museum Trending Searches (CMTS) released its first-quarter list of China's top 100 most-searched museums on April 7. Two museums from Changsha, namely the Hunan Museum and Changsha Museum, made the list, ranking 26th and 40th respectively. In addition, the Changsha Museum ranked 6th among the country's top 100 most-searched prefecture-level city museums and 5th among museums of provincial capitals.

  Based on four dimensions of foundation, behavior, communication, and brand and 20 indices, CMTS collected data from the National Museum Annual Report Information System, museums on the previous top 100 lists, small and medium-sized museums, and a sample database that observes museums' innovation capability. All 6,565 registered museums in China have been included in the statistics. It announced the top 100 most-searched prefecture-level city museums in China for the first time.

  Translator: Kuang Zhenzhen

  Chinese source: Changsha Evening News
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