The Legend of the White Snake: A Thousand Years of Mind

新媒体艺术站 | 04 01, 2024

  The Legend of the White Snake: A Thousand Years of Mind

  Size specification: 16:9 (variable)

  Work type: Immersive digital media exhibition design

  Design Description: Fulfill my wish, my heart will last for a thousand years. The overall theme of the exhibition is "Mind for a Thousand Years", which serves as the "opening" of the entire digital exhibition hall. In addition to echoing the wish of love for a thousand years and showcasing the image of the world becoming eternal, it also focuses on shaping macro time and space, thus developing an aesthetic experience with a philosophical and Eastern perspective. Combining the creative concept of the immersive visual experience space, integrate the millennium context into the design of the work.

  The whole article is divided into five parts: "Gathering through love and fate", "Hallucination", "Stealing Ganoderma Lucidum", "Stormy waves", "Cause and effect". It presents an immersive digital media exhibition of love and fate for thousands of years, attempting to bring the audience into a realm beyond reality, feel the eternity and beauty in the changing world, and appreciate the classics and inheritance, as well as the integration of tradition and innovation in the intertwined Eastern atmosphere of light and shadow.
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