Changsha savored UCCN Cities of Gastronomy (Shunde) Food and Culture Exchange Activity

星辰在线 | 03 20, 2024

  The UCCN Cities of Gastronomy (Shunde) Food and Culture Exchange Activity was held in Foshan, Guangdong from March 15 to 16.

  Changsha, the one and only designated UNESCO Creative City (UCCN) of Media Arts in China, was invited to participate in the event. During the event, gastronomic delights and creative products with distinctive Changsha features from Fire God Palace, Wenheyou, and Chayan Yuese Modern China Tea Shop were on display. With their unique charm and rich cultural heritage, those products made a big splash.

  “Culture + Food” products enhance Changsha’s overall strength in the creative industry (e.g., Chinese dark tea + Changsha dialect and printing with movable type, the crayfish-shaped refrigerator magnets, and milk tea + traditional poetry and painting). Changsha’s cultural and creative industry keeps exploring the way to show the local culture, fashionable trends, and traditional folk culture in a brand-new way, thus accentuating its distinctive city character, culinary heritage, and vibrant creativity.

  Apart from Changsha, 11 UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy (e.g., San Antonio in the United States, Phetchaburi in Thailand, Kermanshah Khan in Iran, Kuching in Malaysia, and Battambang in Cambodia, and Shunde in China) and other UCCN cities in China (e.g., Nanjing, Suzhou, and Jingdezhen) exchanged views on “Food Industry and Urban Sustainable Development”.

  The UCCN Cities of Gastronomy (Shunde) Food and Culture Exchange Activity not only provides a platform to showcase Changsha’s gastronomic culture but also breathes new life into Changsha’s cultural and creative industry.
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