The first Global Digital Art Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition“Meta NANYl, Start-up GULOU”

新媒体艺术站 | 03 10, 2024

  The first Global Digital Art Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition“Meta NANYl, Start-up GULOU”aims to provide a platform for alumni of Nanjing University of the Arts(hereinafter referred to as: NanYi) to show,exchange and seek investment for their innovation and entrepreneurship projects.We aim to boost the high-quality development of these projects,through fully utilizing alumni resources to promote alumni economy growth,combining with actively attracting excellent cultural enterprises to establish an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem with Nanyi characteristics, to support the construction of Innovative city Nanjing, to energize the development of Gulou's science and technology innovation oriented economy and NanYi growth into a world-class university, and to contribute to the establishment of Model City and Happy Gulou projects.We would like to attract young talents from all over the country to come to start businesses in Gulou through the competition results, striving to become a gathering place for innovative talents, an accelerator for the development of innovative and creative industries, and a dream factory for entrepreneurs.

  This project is one of the joint construction projects signed by Nanjing University of the Arts and People's Government of Gulou District in August 2022 to deepen the innovation-driven development strategy, to advance the sharing and innovative utilization of regional art and cultural resources and to encourage school-locality deep integration and the construction of a culture strength district. Meanwhile, by organizing this competition, we aim to provide a platform for alumni to present more innovative achievement and find partners,to accelerate rapid landing of more high-quality projects in local areas such as Gulou district in order to make contributions to social, economic,and cultural development.
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