Circle again! Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin Introduces Liuyang Fireworks to the World

红网 | 06 09, 2023


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin posted a video of fireworks blooming behind a football field in Liuyang on his social media account with the text "This is not the World Cup, this is the football field at night in Liuyang, Hunan—the hometown of fireworks in China."He introduced Liuyang fireworks to the whole world, and Changsha, attracted global attention again.



In the video posted by Wang Wenbin, colorful and spectacular fireworks bloomed in the night sky and lighted up the football field. Under the illumination of the fireworks, the players ran and sweat on the green grass. This beautiful and stunning scene makes people feel like they are at the World Cup final. Wang Wenbin introduced Liuyang fireworks to the world, making the well-known Liuyang fireworks flooded the screen of netizens again.


Liuyang firework is a "beautiful" business card of Changsha. There is a poem written that A river of poem and painting; a town of fireworks and romance. For every three fireworks lit in the world, one comes from Liuyang, and Chinese lit every two pieces of fireworks, one comes from Liuyang.



  Liuyang fireworks have already become a must-have item for international events, classic competitions, and major festivals. At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Liuyang fireworks lit up 29 original "big footprints", gradually moving from Tiananmen Square to the Beijing National Stadium under the attention of the world; Liuyang fireworks accounted for three-quarters of the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics; In 2022, Liuyang fireworks enterprises lit over 500 festive fireworks both domestically and internationally...


  This is Liuyang fireworks, people from around the world will always be treated to its incomparable charming.


  For the fireworks industry, exploring new paths for industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting high-quality development of the industry are the strategic move and also the only road. In recent years, Liuyang has deepened the supply-side structural reform of fireworks and firecrackers industry, and formed a fireworks industry cluster integrating raw material supply, production and operation, scientific research and design, packaging and printing, warehousing and logistics, fireworks display, and cultural creativity. In 2021, the Liuyang fireworks industry cluster achieved a total output value of 26.15 billion Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28.9%.

  (素材来源:浏阳日报、浏阳发布、抖音 PT.)
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