"New Changsha, Art World”, Changsha Boosts Digital Art Development

hn.chinanews | 11 07, 2022

hn.chinanews, November 6. (Xiao Yi) On November 5, the "New Changsha, Art World - International Urban Digital Art Forum" and the "Changsha Impression" Metro Space Digital Art Exhibition kicked off at the Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University. It was sponsored by the Publicity Office of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and the Media Arts Center of Changsha, and hosted by the Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University and the Hunan Tianwen Metro Media Co., Ltd.


The event invited Chinese, British and German scholars of urban media arts to carry out exchanges on international urban digital arts. It will hold a month-long special exhibition featuring on “Children Painting Changsha” and a special poster exhibition on “Changsha Impression” by international design masters at the Changsha Metro Digital Art Museum.


“This event serves as a bridge of the science and art, school and society, China and the outside world, urban and countryside. Experts and scholars at home and abroad and faculties and students from universities, middle schools and primary schools’ participation in the urban culture construction and aesthetic education practices of Changsha presented a diversified, vivid and creative Changsha from multiple perspectives.” Xie Ziqing, Vice principal of Hunan Normal University said, these activities will surely make great contribution to the development of urban culture and art of Changsha.


In the opening ceremony, Li Shaobo, President of Hunan Designers Association and Dean of the Fine Arts Academy of Hunan Normal University illustrated Changsha’s new landmark design concept and characteristics of digital culture construction, in his keynote speech “Design-empowered Changsha - A Case Study of Changsha Metro Digital Art Museum”. Professor Roland Frank from Mediadesign Hochschule (MD.H) explored the “Digital Twin of intelligence and real-time” concept and ways of transforming the paradigm of urban planning in his report “Digital Twin and Urban Planning”. In the report of “The Integrated Arts in London Metro”, Colin Rhodes, the Changjiang chair professor, listed how the widely-acclaimed art program integrated into the London metro station structure physically and conceptually, which served both for the art exhibition and transportation facilities, and brought a sense of cultural belonging of the city for the citizens.


Changsha, as the "City of Media Arts" in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, is world-renowned. Given the opportunities for urban development in the digital era, this event aimed to promote Changsha's digital art and culture to the outside world and advance the construction of the International Cultural and Creative Center, and with the linkage of universities, middle and primary schools, to cultivate new forces for Changsha's urban cultural construction, which would fully activate the public cultural function of the Changsha Metro Digital Art Museum, and highlight its digital aesthetic education characteristics as Changsha's new cultural landmark.


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