China's First Aroma Technology Children's Play "The Adventure of the Scent Realm” Premiered in Hunan | 09 26, 2022


Changsha Online reported on September 25 (Reporter Xiong Jun), on September 24 and 25, the black technology aroma children's play "The Adventure of the Scent Realm" produced by Hunan Children's Art Theater was successfully premiered at Changsha Yunda Central Plaza. The innovative technology experience combined with high-quality children's play brought a multi-dimensional artistic feast of visual, auditory and olfactory enjoyment to the audience, and was highly praised by parents and children!


"The Adventure of the Scent Realm" tells the story of the princess of the Scent Realm and two brave individuals going on an adventure, defeating the great evil sorcerer, finding the magic wand and protecting the Scent Realm. This play deviates from the traditional storyline of a princess in need of rescue and instead shows the princess, with the help of the brave individuals, embarking on an adventure to protect the Realm. Furthermore, the character of the great evil sorcerer is also a highlight of the play, his growth, experiences and ultimate change can bring attention to children's psychological and emotional changes in education and also can bring children to think about "sharing and domination, kindness and evil." The play adheres to the artistic standards of being unique, interesting, and beautiful and creates a world of children's theater that is truly good and beautiful.


According to reports, "The Adventure of the Scent Realm" is a children's play created by the Hunan Children's Art Theater in partnership with Hangzhou Scent Realm Technology Co., Ltd., the first digital aroma technology company in China. It is also currently the first children's play in China that combines children's theater with olfactory technology as its unique feature. The company, as the first known digital aroma technology research and development enterprise in China, has been working in the field of digital aroma and has completed the coding of more than 3,000 basic smells.


The organizer revealed that in order to pursue more delicate and accurate performance and feeling, the play assigns appropriate roles according to the characteristics of the children's age, and as the plot deepens, the audience's wearable digital aroma player can emit 12 different smells, making it feel like you are in the scene, experiencing a children's play that is not only good to watch and listen to but also good to smell.


"The actors performed brilliantly, the device hanging on the neck is so magical, I have never seen a children's play where you can smell the bread aroma and taste sweet bread, and the play's Princess Fragrance is really fragrant," said an excited young audience member. A parent standing nearby said, "I hope my child can have more exposure to this type of performance in the future, seeing high-quality children's plays that are both informative and technological, and interactive."



This performance, as the warm-up channel cultural play of the weekend at the Yunda Plaza, invited many proprietors for participation and set up a platform for communication and interaction. The high-end and atmospheric performance venue, the delicate and complete facilities and equipment, the diverse forms of interaction, and the five-star service all greatly enhance the overall aesthetic. Children felt love and growth in the educational and entertaining drama, and presented a beautiful scene of neighborhood gathering.
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