Childlike Artistic Vision Brings New Rural Charm with Carbon: Winning Works of the Second Public Welfare Comics Competition Unveiled | 09 21, 2022



(The launch ceremony of this public welfare Comics competition was live-streamed.)



(This competition attracted a total of 14,671 contestants from more than 200 art institutions and schools from all over the country.)



(The art education public welfare teacher team went to Longwan Village and Zanxi Village in Xinhua County to carry out rural art education activities together.)



(Award-winning work)



(Award-winning work)



(Award-winning work. All photos provided by the correspondent.)


Changsha Online reported on September 20th (Correspondent Huang Rong) Since the start of the second "Cai Xin Cup" public welfare Comics competition, a total of 14,671 contestants from more than 200 art institutions and schools from all over the country have actively participated in the competition, and more than 15,000 people joined the online interactive voting. Recently, according to the competition arrangements and professional review, the organizing committee selected 6 gold medal works, 10 silver medal works, 30 bronze medal works, and 500 outstanding award works; through online voting, 11 works were selected for the "carbon" exploration youth award.



(The list of winners for the gold, silver, bronze, and "carbon" exploration youth awards in the 2nd "Caixin Cup" Public Welfare Comics Competition.)


To attract more young people to participate in comic creation, the competition held multiple live streaming events. On August 24th, the competition launch ceremony was held, with a total of over 13,000 people watching the live stream and receiving over 19,000 likes. On August 30th, during the theme creation live stream, professional mentors led everyone to interpret the theme of the competition and guide comic creation. Over 10,000 people watched the live stream online and received over 15,000 likes. According to the organizers, the level of comics in this competition was generally high, and children displayed excellent drawing abilities and rich imagination in terms of theme, plot, and performance techniques. Each work was infused with the children's individual comprehension of low-carbon environmental protection and rural revitalization, and all the works were positive, enlightening, and intellectually stimulating.


The theme of this competition is "Carbon Exploration, New countryside!", The organizers hope to guide young people to focus on the "new countryside" represented by Xinghua County, and to promote Xinghua County to the general public from multiple dimensions such as comic competitions, rural stories, and urban-rural integration through this event, and to call on everyone to recognize the "new countryside" and jointly build a "new countryside" to help rural revitalization. During the event, volunteers joined with professional comic teachers from the Youth Comics Art Education Alliance and Little Grass Public Welfare to form a public welfare teacher team and went to Longwan Village and Zanxi Village in Xinghua County to jointly carry out rural art education activities. In class, the public welfare teachers introduced the history, culture, natural scenery and comic basics of Xinghua County to the children, leading them to discover the beauty of their hometown from the perspective of comics, understand the "dual carbon" goal, and advocate low-carbon living. Nearly 100 young painters wielded their brushes on site, depicting the beautiful "new countryside" in their hearts.


It is reported that the 2nd "Caixin Cup" Public Welfare Comics Competition began on August 24th. The goal of this competition is to combine the "3060" dual carbon target and rural revitalization strategy and to use comics to build a bridge of interconnection between the city and countryside. In order to further expand the impact of the event, starting in October, there will be plans to hold offline exhibitions of winning works at schools such as Qingzhu Lake Foreign Language School, Changsha No.1 High School, Yuelu No.2 Primary School, Wangcheng Dahu Middle School, and Changsha County Longhua Primary School, where students from primary and secondary schools in Changsha will have the opportunity to have a close interaction with the works. This will further promote the general public's attention and support to rural revitalization, and raise people’s low-carbon environmental awareness.
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