Spending Mid-Autumn Festival in Changsha: A Blend of Ancient Charm and Modern Meaning

Changsha Evening News | 09 06, 2022

Changsha Evening News reported on September 5th (Reporter Yin Wei) September 10th is the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to welcome this holiday, major cultural institutions, literary and artistic teams, tourist attractions, etc. have jointly prepared a variety of rich and colorful holiday cultural activities for citizens. Whether reciting Tang poetry and Song lyrics, making moon cakes by hand, listening to beautiful music, or appreciating famous works of art... In Changsha, you will have too many choices to feel the charm of traditional festivals.


As the sun sets, the large orange installation artwork along Xiangjiang River will complement the bright full moon of Mid-Autumn Festival.


Changsha Library: Poetry competition, who will come out on top?


Throughout history, there have been countless poems written about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Some are grand and powerful, like "The sea mirrors the rising moon bright; miles apart, our hearts share tonight." Some are lonely and contemplative, like "On this moonlit night, everyone looks up at the moon, not knowing whose thoughts it has stirred." Others are romantic and expansive, like "So let us wish that man will live long as he can! Though miles apart, we’ll share the beauty she displays." Still others are noble and heroic, like "The moon in its purest form, beams with radiance, rivers reflecting its pure light, both exterior and interior, shines with crystalline clarity." Others are melancholy and cold, like "Chang'e may not bear a grudge, alone with her white rabbit and fragrant osmanthus in the cold moonlight." Some are happy and beautiful, like "What a wonderful time of year, I wish it could last all year round, and we could always see the moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival." Can you think of any other poems about the Mid-Autumn Festival? On the evening of September 9th, the Changsha Library and the Shaoxing Library jointly held an online event, inviting all poetry enthusiasts to participate. The event will include experiencing the Mid-Autumn Festival fragrance ritual, “brewing” Shaoxing yellow wine together, composing poetry about the human experience, and free talent displays, let's wait and see, who will be the one to excel among many?


In addition to offline poetry events, there are also online events. On the evening of the 9th, the "Enjoy the Moon" Mid-Autumn Festival theatre will be held on the first floor of Changsha Library, sharing the story of "Wu Gang and the Osmanthus Tree," and there will also be an introduction to Changsha's Mid-Autumn Festival customs and a poetry competition. If you feel hungry, you can also go up to the third floor, where the "Junior Chef·Ice Skin Moon Cake Parent-Child Handmade Activity" will be held. On the morning of the 11th and 12th, two picture book events will lead children to understand the charm of this traditional festival through the book Mid-Autumn Festival. These four activities are all very suitable for families with children.


For specific registration methods and more activity information, please follow the "Changsha Library" WeChat official account.

The Music Hall and Grand Theater: Dreamy collaboration, exchange for tickets and moon cakes.


This year marks the seventh anniversary of the Changsha Music Hall and the fifth anniversary of the Meixi Lake International Cultural Arts Center Grand Theater. The two cultural landmarks will launch a dreamy collaboration activity. From now until September 15th, anyone who has successfully purchased five or more orders from 2017 to 2022 at the two above-mentioned agencies can exchange two tickets for free with the purchase records. The Grand Theater's available performances include the large-scale original mythological Huangmei Opera "Qianyu Jin," the poetic realistic play "Skin," the "Red Literary and Artistic Light Cavalry" Ulan Grassland Cavalry large-scale literary and artistic tour, the large-scale original historical play "Jin Wengong," and the classic traditional Huangmei Opera "Luopa Ji." The Music Hall's available performances include the contemporary string quartet concert, the High-Definition Screening of the "Verbier Festival 2015" in the classical music series, the Changsha Station of the Tian Jiaxin Piano Solo Concert, and the Chief Gold Medal Voice - 8 Violoncello Concert. In addition, the Grand Theater will open a benefit redemption at 9 a.m. on the 6th, and members can exchange a set of 8-piece BAXY Ice Cream Mooncakes for 800 points.


On the evening of the 9th, the Changsha Music Hall will also join forces with the Hunan National Orchestra to bring the Mid-Autumn Concert "The Moon Rises Over the Sea." The orchestra will use ancient melodies to sing the thousands of years of great civilization of the Chinese nation, integrate the essence of the Hunan music culture, gather the unique and highly representative classic folk music works from all over the country, and fully show the emotional music of the Chinese nation's diversity and harmony.


During the Mid-Autumn holiday, the Green Orange Music Festival will continue to be performed. The photo shows citizens enjoying music at the music festival. All photos taken by reporter Dong Yang of Changsha Evening News All Media.


All major tourist attractions: Enjoy delicious food, fun activities, and great music during Mid-Autumn Festival


During the Mid-Autumn holiday, Changsha's various scenic spots have also prepared a variety of colorful activities.


The Green Orange Music Festival is currently in full swing at the Beach Park of Orange Island. In previous years, the Orange Island Music Festival, which only lasted a few days, has transformed into a music festival that lasts for more than two months, and the venue has been transformed from a large lawn to a white sandy beach. Without the barrier of the high stage, the audience can enjoy the band's live performance more closely. The performance bands during the Mid-Autumn include ETA on the 9th, Last Night's Party on the 10th, and C.S.B.Q on the 11th, among which C.S.B.Q is a local rock band from Changsha.


Macrolink Tongguan ancient town will host the Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival, including lantern exhibition, Chang'e patrol, lotus lantern wishing, guessing lantern riddles, double full moon fun, borderless food festival and other activities. Visitors can wear Hanfu (Han Chinese Clothing), experience guessing lantern riddles, Touhu (a game during feast in which the winner was decided by the number of arrows thrown into a distant pot), shuaiwanjiu (the game is typically played with a group of people and involves drinking alcohol from a small ceramic bowl, and then throwing the bowl on the ground), Chinese knot blessings, releasing lotus lanterns, and mooncake gambling and other folk activities. Especially worth mentioning is the borderless food festival, many famous restaurants in Changsha are invited to prepare a dish, bringing different flavors of crayfish, including Thai curry crayfish from Lao Xu's Beichenggang, Cantonese salted fried crayfish from Lingnan Jia Yan, charcoal-grilled Japanese sake crayfish from Moyangshe, Hong Kong-style Bifengtang crayfish from Shangzuo Seafood, American Cajun crayfish from Sweet Pepper Bakeshop, Su-style lotus fragrant crayfish from Yi Pin Crayfish, Xiangxi pickled vegetable crayfish from Liyin Tai, and Italian vegetable soup ice crayfish from Lao Lu etc, making Changsha crayfish with new flavors.


The movie "Moon You" is a blockbuster hit this summer, and the Wallaby in it is particularly popular among audiences. The Window of the World has specially introduced the same couple of Wallabies. In addition, the Window of the World also prepared a variety of Mid-Autumn activities, including Kongming lantern worshiping moon, lotus lantern wishing, Celestial Palace night tour, 5D light and shadow lantern show, thousand people lantern reunion banquet, moonlit Mid-Autumn evening party and mooncake making.


Hunan Television: Mid-Autumn Evening Party Salutes Warmth to People in a Faraway Place


Hunan Television will air the Mid-Autumn Night Evening Party on the evening of the 10th as scheduled, with the theme "I'm doing fine in a place far away from home". The show will focus on four stories chapters, "Endeavor in a place far away from home", "Love in a place far away from home", "Devotion in a place far away from home", "Protection in a place far away from home" in order to connect the guest's creative program performances, to present a panoramic view of the current young people's struggle and forward-looking attitude, expressing the deep feelings of every person in a faraway place when they miss loved ones especially during festivals.


Among the "young people in a place far away from home," there are "new local residents" who have lived in another place far away from home for 16 years, couriers who work more than 10 hours a day, soldiers who have been stationed in the barracks for 2 years without going home, white-collar workers separated from their families, and teachers who have been teaching in the remote area for 3 years after graduation. Despite their different positions, when they are asked "how are you doing in this place far away from home," they all give the same "pretty good" answer. Their "pretty good" state of struggle is the best answer that young people in the new era can give to life. In this era of "uncertainty," they maintain their love and determination, creating a "certain" present and a future full of possibilities."


The program will also feature classical paintings such as "Watching the Tide at Night," "Drinking Under the Moon," "Chang'e Holding a Cassia Branch," and "August Moon Viewing at the Yuanmingyuan Imperial Garden," which will be interpreted and explained in the context of the cultural customs and feelings of home and country associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, and will help to innovate and continue the history and culture of this traditional holiday, adding a rich and lasting atmosphere to the traditional festival.


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