The Outlook of the Internet Depicting “Digital Changsha” | 09 05, 2022

The original title: Changsha Seizes Opportunities, Cultivates and Develops Mobile Internet Industry Clusters, Promotes Digitalization of Industries and Industrial Digitalization, Digital Economy Totals Nearly 4,000 Billion Yuan, the Outlook of the Internet Depicting Digital Changsha


The holding of the 2022 Internet Yuelu Summit provides another "spark" for the vigorous development of Changsha's digital economy.


This spark has boosted Changsha's digital economy - on August 31, 24 major projects were signed with Changsha, with a total investment of 83.31 billion yuan, covering intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, smart logistics, smart agriculture, artificial intelligence and other digital economy fields.


This spark also witnessed Changsha's comeback growth - mobile internet companies have grown from nothing to something, and the industry scale has grown from 7 billion yuan in 2014 to 203.6 billion yuan last year, driving the province's mobile internet industry.


This spark has ignited a triumphant reverberation in Changsha - As the city grasps opportunities in the digital economy, it actively explores and develops cutting-edge technologies. It fosters the growth of mobile internet industry clusters, and is dedicated to promoting digital industrialization and digitization of industries, all in an effort to secure a leading position in this field.


The future of Changsha is digital economy.


Digital Industrialization


Achieving a prominent status in the digital economy among leading cities


Those familiar with the mobile internet industry in Changsha know that in 2014, when the first Internet Yuelu Summit was held, there were less than 400 companies in the industry, many of which were associated with "making up the numbers" in related industries.


At that time, the scale of the digital economy was rising and developing, with digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and 5G communications thriving.


The mobile internet industry is one of the best "landing spots" for digital technology. In recent years, Changsha has adopted policies, attracted talents, brought in companies, promoted technology, and nurtured the industry, resulting in an influx of mobile internet companies and rapid growth of the industry cluster.


Data show that as of the end of last year, the number of companies in Changsha High-tech Zone related to the mobile internet and application software industry exceeded 13,700, of which 13 were listed companies, and the overall output value of the industry exceeded 80 billion yuan.


In terms of digital industrial park construction and layout, Changsha has initially formed a pattern of one valley, two centers, and multiple support points, that is, to create the World Computing·Changsha Wisdom Valley, the National Super Computing Changsha Center, the Artificial Intelligence Innovation Center, and KaiFu District, Yuelu District, Tianxin Economic and Technological Development Zone, etc.


Benefiting from this, the total amount of Changsha's digital economy in 2021 was nearly 400 billion yuan, ranking 12th in the 2021 Digital Economy City Development Top 100, and joining the forefront of cities in the digital economy.


Changsha is home to a large number of mobile internet companies, and among them are some real experts in utilizing technologies like big data, cloud computing and AI. Companies like Anker Innovations, Xingsheng Youxuan, Huakai Yibai, Talkweb, and Retoomv are all leaders in these fields, and through utilizing these new technologies they are not only able to see their own growth, but also drive growth in related industries


Anker Innovations is a leading exploratory enterprise for "going global" in Changsha, its ability to generate revenue in recent years is impressive. In the first half of this year, Anker Innovations achieved a revenue of 5.887 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 9.62%, and achieved a net profit of 576 million yuan, a year-on-year growth of 41.01%.


Specifically, Anker Innovations' main online and offline channels have increased revenue compared to the same period last year. For a long time, Anker Innovations' online business has mainly relied on third-party e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Tmall,, and company's own brand independent station for sales. In the first half of this year, Anker Innovations' total online revenue was 3.78 billion yuan, and a large part of that came from Amazon, as a major seller on the platform, its revenue reached 3.2 billion yuan on the platform.


Industry Digitalization


Three industries are realizing industrial change


At the 2022 Internet Yuelu Summit, the open-source HarmonyOS made its debut. "With the open-source HarmonyOS operating system as the technical foundation, it can solve key problems in various industries," said Xie Weijun, Vice President of Talkweb and President of HarmonyOS Intelligent Valley. The company is currently based on the OpenHarmony technology and has conducted extensive exploration in transportation, education, communication, and industry.


As Mr. Xie said, traditional manufacturing is now an incubator for digital technology growth. Currently, the manufacturing industry in Changsha is integrating digital technology, achieving interconnection of all things, accelerating industrial change, and redefining production and manufacturing.


In terms of industrial internet, Changsha currently has 1 national-level and 28 provincial-level industrial internet platforms, accounting for more than 60% of the total in the province, and various industrial internet platforms have connected more than 300,000 industrial devices.


Changsha Cadstar Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. may not be well-known, but it is strong in the industry - it has helped more than 200 manufacturing companies implement their digital transformation initiatives and integrate technology and information into their operations. Cadstars Chairman, Xu Dihong, introduced that only by breaking through the key data circulation channels in product design, research and development, enterprise operation and management, and production and manufacturing processes can traditional manufacturing companies fully realize the synergistic benefits of their digital transformation efforts.


"We have served 26,000 enterprises and 14 industries and 77 industrial parks throughout the country," said Hu Dan, Assistant General Manager of Zhongdian Industry Internet Co., Ltd. Many manufacturing companies in Changsha are customers of Zhongdian Internet, and they will continue to help Changsha become a national advanced manufacturing hub.


Not just manufacturing, but first and third industries such as agriculture, logistics, and trade have also undergone profound changes with the entry of mobile internet companies, and their digitalization levels have risen sharply.


Xingsheng Youxuan is one of the driving forces. It uses digital methods and information technology to break through the "last mile" and meet the needs of residents for convenience and diversification of consumption. In the past, people had to go to the market or supermarket to buy vegetables, but now they can just place an order on their phone and have fresh vegetables delivered to their home.


During the first half of this year, the business of Xingsheng Youxuan has covered over 100,000 towns and villages across the country. The platform has also reached rural revitalization strategic cooperation with many places in Chenzhou and Zunyi, by launching regional high-quality and characteristic agricultural products online in "Rural Revitalization Halls." In addition, the platform is dedicated to "the last mile" service, helping in agricultural product sales, building of agricultural brands and upgrading of origin supply chains. So far, the Xingsheng Youxuan rural revitalization project has accumulated sales of agricultural products exceeding 10 billion yuan and driven more than 400,000 households of farmers to increase income.


Smart City


New smart city demonstration city construction accelerates


In April this year, Changsha released 193 smart city scenarios, involving fine governance, public welfare services, ecological livability, industrial economy and other fields, with an estimated total investment of 5.25 billion yuan.


This is not the first time that Changsha has released such a list.


From 2020 to 2021, Changsha has released three batches of smart city construction scene lists, a total of 184 application scenarios, with an investment of nearly 6 billion yuan.


The huge market attracts many internet giants to come, such as China Electronics, Tencent, Huawei, Qianxin, CSDN, Zhejiang Dahua, and other well-known companies in the industry, who have seen the potential of Changsha's smart city development and have settled in Changsha successively.


These companies are now growing into the "main backbone" of Changsha's mobile internet industry.


As early as 2019, Qianxin established the Changsha R&D Center and Security Operations Service Center in Changsha, and has extensive cooperation with the government, enterprises, and universities.


Qianxin Chairman Qi Xiangdong once said that in Changsha, the company will focus on two aspects: the first is to help Changsha build a digital city and solve the security problems in Changsha's digital city operation.


Tencent is also one of the "best partners" in the construction of Changsha's smart city: the city government signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent to jointly create Changsha's urban super brain and carry out extensive cooperation in smart cities, artificial intelligence industries and other areas. Tencent (Changsha) Smart Industry headquarters is located in Hunan Xiangjiang New Area, and the Cloud Start-up Industry Base is also established in Changsha.


According to relevant deployments, by 2026, Changsha's level of intelligent service, governance and development will reach the forefront of the country and international standards, and a "new smart city demonstration city" will be basically established. This means that in the next few years, Changsha will continue to attract a batch of mobile internet companies focused on smart cities to settle in the city.


In the meantime, Changsha will continue to stage a story of mutual success between the city and enterprises. (Changsha Evening News Full Media Reporter Wu Ling, Li Guangjun)
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