Changsha, the City of Innovations Lights up the Word! Charming Changsha China Brings You into the City of Media Arts!

MACC | 08 30, 2022


2022 China New Media Conference is held in Changsha from Aug. 30 to Aug. 31, 2022. It once again draws the attention from the global media to this innovative city which has a solid foundation of 3000 years’ history and culture.


“The integration of culture and science not only fosters emerging cultural industries, extends cultural industry chains, but also attracts tremendous talents. It is a sunrise industry with a promising future.” General Secretary Xi said when visiting Malanshan Video Cultural and Creative Industrial Park in Sept. 17, 2020. Marching ahead with courage and fortitude and rooted with Hunan culture, Malanshan is awarded the National Demonstration Base for Integration of Culture and Science and Technology by integrating culture and science and making innovations in media arts. Enterprises including Mango Excellent Media, Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co.,Ltd., China South Publishing & Media Group, TVZONE, YinheKuyu Media and Huawei settled in one after another. The 4K restoration technology revives the black-and-white films; the “5G+holographic interview” technology breaks down the barriers of time and space between the host and interviewees, and XR Virtual Shooting, previsualization and cloud rendering seem to place the audience in the real pictures. Alongside the Liuyang river, the “China V Valley” with global competitiveness is thriving and Malanshan has become the permanent venue of the authoritative, iconic and professional China New Media Conference.


Media in Changsha is open, inclusive and self-innovative. With the development of culture and science, innovation is given full play. Main stream media representing Hunan culture and Hunan broadcasting system like Hunan daily, Hunan Broadcasting System, Rednet, Changsha Evening News, Changsha Radio and Television Station and are marching in the media integration frontiers while upholding fundamental principles and breaking new ground. “Bullet time” technology can capture the most beautiful instances of dancers and full demonstrate the dance details. The smart radio is supported by the combination of 5G and AI technologies. Sign language interpreters are replaced by AI Sign language system to provide news interpretation for the hearing impaired. China V chain provides rights’ confirmation for digital assets transactions by using the block chain technology. “My Changsha” app realizes the integration of media and big data, city services and social life. New ground of media is being established in this millennia-old city.


Top-level festivals and conferences such as International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage Along the Silk Roads & Changsha Media Arts Festival, China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival and Orange Isle International Music Festival have been held successfully in Changsha. Fireworks show and light show along the Xiangjiang river bring the audience completely new experience. Art venues like Changsha Concert Hall, Meixi Lake International Culture Art Center, Li Zijian Art Museum, Xie Zilong Photography Museum and P8 Park have been established as well. Changsha, as a top Instagram-worthy spot in China, it attracts tourists from all over the world not only for its delicious food and shopping, also for its diverse, innovative and stunning media art culture. Young artists from the world choose this city as it repays them with inspirations both from ancient and present arts. Changsha is indeed the only city in China awarded as the City of Media Arts!


Today, Changsha is aiming at building itself as the international cultural and creative center through the deep integration of cultural art, media art, city construction, industrial development and environmental optimization. With innovation and creativity endowing this ancient city with new vitality, the cultural soft power will become an important means to promote the city’s development. Moreover, it will become a strong force to improve Changsha’s international influence!


Let’s enjoy the Charming Changsha China to feel the charm, vitality and creativity of Changsha!


Brief introduction: Charming Changsha China is a series of bilingual semimonthly micro videos produced by Publicity Department of the CPC Changsha Municipal Committee and co-broadcast by, Changsha Radio and Television News Center and other domestic and oversea media. It is composed of 24 one-minute micro videos to show various features in culture, history, youth, development and vitality of Changsha.
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