Official Release | UNESCO Creative Cities Network in China, 2022-2023 Edition

亚太遗产中心 | 06 24, 2022


Since 2010, Asia-Pacific Heritage Center has been following the development of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) for a long time. With the support of various parties, Asia-Pacific Heritage Center established the National UNESCO Creative Cities Network R&D Alliance in 2016, and based on its comprehensive advantages and historical data accumulation, published the brochure of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in China, aiming to promote the development of the UCCN in China through the building of public knowledge and service platforms.


The UNESCO Creative Cities Network in China (2022-2023) edition was officially released, which focuses on the latest development of UCCN at home and abroad and the changes in the application rules and processes, and makes comprehensive use of international comparisons and analysis of system changes, etc., to biannually update and release the latest news of UCCN from the perspective of professional research and practical development, especially the application rules, criteria and timeline, etc., with the aim of providing professional and comprehensive technical support and services for the domestic cities concerned and helping the development of UCCN in China and the world.


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The following is the relevant content of the new version of the brochure.

Till now, there are 16 UCCN creative cities in China, covering six creative fields:


Four Cities of Design (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan).


Five Cities of Gastronomy (Chengdu, Shunde, Macau, Yangzhou, Huai'an)


One City of Film (Qingdao).


One City of Literature (Nanjing).


One City of Media Arts (Changsha).


Four Cities of Crafts and Folk Art (Hangzhou, Jingdezhen, Suzhou, Weifang)


2.Application process and requirements


*The following is the timeline for 2021, the specific application timeline is subject to the release of the official website.



Phase I: Call for applications

Mar 16  Call for applications

Jun 30   Deadline for UNESCO to accept applications


Phase II: Evaluation

Sept 12  Deadline for internal and external consultation and evaluation


Phase 3: Announcement of results

Oct 29  List of new UCCN cities is published on the UNESCO website


According to the application requirements, in addition to basic information and general introduction, those interested in joining the UCCN are required to focus on the following:


The opportunities and challenges the city faces in using creativity as a driver of development.

The city's global development strategy and policy plan.

The expected sustainable development goals (medium and long term) of the city after being selected to the UCCN.

The city's application preparation process, such as public-private partnerships, academic-industry collaboration, and local creative sector involvement.

The comparative assets that the city will provide to the UCCN, such as the economic vitality of the cultural and creative sector, channels for participation of different communities and clusters, various educational institutions, international exchange and cooperation opportunities, etc.

The city's contribution to achieving the goals of the UCCN.


    3.Analysis of historical development


Looking at the historical development trend, since its establishment in 2004, the global network of creative cities has been gradually developed, and a surge has been observed since 2014. By 2021, the number of UCCN creative cities has reached 295, with distribution in all continents (except Antarctica).

Among the 49 new creative cities in 2021, the number of cities awarded as City of Gastronomy, City of Music and City of Crafts and Folk Art is larger, accounting for more than 70% of the total; the number of cities awarded as other types of creative cities is relatively small.

Introduction to the Promotion Office of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network R&D Alliance


Founded in December 2016 by all Chinese cities listed in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) and candidate cities, the Alliance Promotion Office was established at Tongji University in Shanghai, aiming to leverage its professional and network advantages to assist the Chinese National Commission for UNESCO to provide comprehensive technical support for the development of UCCN in China.

As the only UCCN public service platform in China, the Alliance is committed to promoting the collaborative development and cross-border innovation of China's creative cities, seeking more opportunities for international voices externally, and providing a new impetus for the development of China's creative cities.
Address::Room 819, Changsha Publicity Department, No.218, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C