UNESCO Creative Cities Network launches an e-pamphlet on Creative Cities and gastronomy

长沙市媒体艺术发展中心 | 08 02, 2021

  The UNESCO Creative Cities Network aims to promote culture and creativity led urban development. Created in 2004, the Network has established itself as a strategic platform of exchange and collaboration, while promoting, demonstrating and reinforcing the role of culture and creativity as a catalyst for building more sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities.
  The importance of food and gastronomy within the 2030 Agenda is reflected by all the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. To highlight their importance, the United Nations has also dedicated several international days and launched several initiatives related to food to raise public awareness of its contribution to sustainable development.  Most notably, World Food Safety Day (7 June); Sustainable Gastronomy Day (18 June); and World Food Day (16 October), amongst others.
  As part of highlighting the efforts undertaken by Creative Cities of Gastronomy, the UCCN Secretariat has developed a thematic e-pamphlet showcasing Creative Cities’ efforts in promoting sustainable food ways and in implementing the 2030 Agenda through gastronomy.
  Available in English and French, the e-pamphlet has been developed based on the collected information through a Global Call to all Creative Cities of Gastronomy.
  To access the e-pamphlet, kindly click on the link below:

     E-pamphlet- UNESCO Creative Cities of Gastronomy


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