Košice invites media artists for the third edition of its Residency programme

长沙市媒体艺术发展中心 | 11 29, 2021

  As a UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts since 2017, Košice through the ‘Creative Industry Košice’ has invested in supporting its local artists and creative sector by fostering mobility and training. Together with Košice Artist in Residence (K.A.I.R), the city has launched its third edition of the Košice Residency programme. The two-month residency programme is open to media artists from Creative Cities worldwide. Artists are invited to submit their interest before 20 August 2021.
  The residency programme seeks to create a platform of collaboration and exchange for media artists from different corners of the globe. Artists will be given an opportunity to develop a new project or to continue working on an ongoing project in line with the 2021 theme – ‘Human Responsibility’. Connecting individuals and sharing responsibility in trying times as well as undertaking stock and analysis of the global situation will be the central objective of the programme.
  Through the residency programme, artists are invited to not only create, but also to participate in the local art and community life and promote their work locally. The city of Košice aims to promote technology and culture as drivers of sustainable urban development, in line with the mission and objectives of the Network.

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