Sanandaj hosted the International Music Festival of Awyar

长沙市媒体艺术发展中心 | 10 30, 2021

  Sanandaj (Iran), a UNESCO Creative City of Music, hosted the seasonal International Music Festival of Awyar, in collaboration with the Sanandaj Music Association, the University of Kurdistan, Knowledge Development Institute, and Kurdistan Islamic Culture and Guidance Office. From 26 to 30 October 2021, a variety of works by international artists and soloists, notably from Iran, Iraq, Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Germany, were presented online to promote quality music and cross-cultural communication.
  Sanandaj marked its second anniversary of the designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Music on 30 October, also the last day of the Festival. On this occasion, the Municipality organized a closing ceremony with the participation of artists, musicians, and various stakeholders in the cultural and creative sectors.
  Through the hosting of this event, Sanandaj recognizes the value of music as a universal language. The city aims to promote and emphasize the exchange of knowledge between Iranian and international soloists, so as to share the essence of folk and classical music, and present new approaches in the field of solo art.
  With the organization of the International Music Festival of Awyar, Sanandaj has strengthened the creation of cultural activities and improved access to cultural life.
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