New cities join UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network

UNESCO | 11 19, 2021

  New cities have joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) following their designation by UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, in recognition of their commitment to placing culture and creativity at the heart of their development and to sharing knowledge and good practices.

  “A new urban model needs to be developed in every city, with its architects, town planners, landscapers and citizens”, says UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, “We are urging everyone to work with States to reinforce the international cooperation between cities which UNESCO wishes to promote.”

  Newly designated Creative Cities such as Bohicon, Doha and Jakarta will join forces with existing member cities including Brazzaville, Dubai, Mexico City and Montréal to develop innovative urban policies and solutions that place people and sustainability at the center of the development process, echoing the Urban Solutions launched by the UNESCO Cities Platform on the occasion of the World Cities Day 2021.

  The collaborative spirit of the UCCN’s members is reflected in the publication UNESCO Creative Cities’ Response to COVID-19 in 2020. This year, too, the Network is collecting and disseminating information about the culture and creativity-based responses to COVID-19 that have been taken by members of the Network, which UNESCO will publish as part of its continued support to cities’ recovery from the pandemic.

  The new UNESCO Creative Cities are:

  Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) – Music

  Batumi (Georgia) – Music

  Belfast (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – Music

  Bida (Nigeria) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Bohicon (Benin) – Gastronomy

  Buraidah (Saudi Arabia) – Gastronomy

  Bursa (Turkey) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Campina Grande (Brazil) – Media Arts

  Cannes (France) – Film

  Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – Film

  Como (Italy) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Covilhã (Portugal) – Design

  Doha (Qatar) – Design

  Gdynia (Poland) – Film

  Gimhae (Republic of Korea) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Gothenburg (Sweden) – Literature

  Hamar (Norway) – Media Arts

  Huai’an (China) – Gastronomy

  Huancayo (Peru) – Music

  Ibagué (Colombia) – Music

  Jakarta (Indonesia) – Literature

  Kermanshah (Iran, Islamic Republic of) – Gastronomy

  Kharkiv (Ukraine) – Music

  Kuching (Malaysia) – Gastronomy

  Lankaran (Azerbaijan) – Gastronomy

  Launceston (Australia) – Gastronomy

  London (Canada) – Music

  Manises (Spain) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Modena (Italy) – Media Arts

  Nakuru (Kenya) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Namur (Belgium) – Media Arts

  Pasto (Colombia) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Perth (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Phetchaburi (Thailand) – Gastronomy

  Port Louis (Mauritius) – Music

  Recife (Brazil) – Music

  Rouen (France) – Gastronomy

  Saint Petersburg (Russian Federation) – Gastronomy

  Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) – Gastronomy

  Santiago de Cuba (Cuba) – Music

  Srinagar (India) – Crafts and Folk Art *

  Tallinn (Estonia) – Music

  Tbilisi (Georgia) – Media Arts

  Thessaloniki (Greece) – Gastronomy

  Usuki (Japan) – Gastronomy

  Vilnius (Lithuania) – Literature

  Weifang (China) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Whanganui (New Zealand) – Design

  Xalapa (Mexico) – Music

*currently under examination
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