Viborg invites the world to draw with Denmark for children affected by Covid-19

Changsha Development center of Media Arts | 01 25, 2021

We focus on the children in the world most affected by the corona crisis. We do this with drawings that focus on the children - we see them and create visibility so that they are seen.


Viborg is the host city when the large TV show ‘Danmarks Indsamling’ – The United Danish Appeal for Funds campaign show - is broadcasted on Danish national TV from Viborg on 6 February.


This year, the United Danish Appeal for Funds is raising money for children of the corona crisis around the world. Covid-19 has a profound effect on human life across the globe. We all face our own daily difficulties maneuvering in the. However, in Denmark, we still get food, medical care and education. Not everyone does that around the world.


You can read more about the Danish Appeal here:


In Viborg, we want to use our animation environment and stronghold within visual creativity to raise awareness about this. We invite children and youth around the world to take part in a drawing campaign and draw hope for the world's most vulnerable children.


When the drawings are finished, we hope you will share them with the rest of the world. The drawings will be a "gift" to other children in the form of a visual expression that brings hope and draws attention to the problems in the world - we see them, think about them - and make sure they are seen.


Also, the drawings will contribute to raising the awareness of the Denmark’s Appeal and thereby help improve the conditions for children in countries where the pandemic has led to hunger, a collapsed healthcare system and closed schools. Every penny counts!


Details on the drawing assignment


From 21 January to 1 February, you can participate in the campaign by making a drawing that relates to one or more of these themes:


What would you like to be able to predict – e.g. palm reading - about the future of the children of the corona crisis?


Draw a person / character / superhero who fights the corona virus.


Draw a problem that the corona crisis has created for the children of the world and put a plaster over the problem to heal it.


Send Hope: Draw a candle and draw your hopes for the children of the Covid-19 crisis in the smoke or light.


Send hope: Let hope sprout by drawing a sprouting plant with leaves above the ground containing things you’d like to welcome in the future after corona


Draw a cool shield that can stop the corona crisis


Draw a child of the corona crisis who gets a helping hand


Participation is of course for free and you are very welcome to post or send us more drawings.


All children and youth are welcome to participate. There is no demand of any specific age, drawing or artistic skills. We believe diversity in skills and age is a strength in this campaign. Basically, drawing is a language for all whatever category, culture or country., the Instagram profile: @unescocreativecityviborg and other social media platform will be supporting the drawing campaign.


Share your drawing for children affected by the corona crisis


We very much hope that everyone will share their drawings - preferably with name, age, city and country on it. It raises awareness of the important issue.


They can be shared in one or more of the following ways (if necessary, with the help from parents, teachers or other adults):


Instagram with indication of #Drawwithdenmark


Facebook with indication of #Drawwithdenmark


Send a picture of your drawing to - then we will exhibit it to the world through our Viborg UNESCO media platforms.


Finally, we will make a film with all the drawings. It will be shared with the whole world through Viborg's worldwide UNESCO network and on various other platforms.


We hope that with your drawing, you will help to draw a light on hope for the future for the children who have been hit hard by the corona crisis. We welcome you to




* The organisers of the drawing campaign are Viborg UNESCO Creative City, Kulturskolen Viborg, The Drawing Academy TAW VIA University College and Visuel HF Viborg Gymnasium in collaboration with Danmarks Indsamling.
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