Don’t miss this opportunity! Let’s work together for Peace!

UNESCO | 09 01, 2020

International Day of Peace, 21 September 2020, is fast approaching. This year - marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations – UNESCO and partners want to celebrate it with a big social media campaign. We are thus calling on young people (aged between 18 to 30) to actively participate with us in building peace.

How can you participate?

Please join us by submitting high-quality short videos (films, animations, etc) and/or pictures (photos, drawings, etc) which should cover at least one or more of following elements:

      Young people’s thoughts and/or perceptions about the importance of Peace for themselves, their families, communities or nations.

      The role of youth in developing a culture of peace and in advancing Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

  Actions and efforts young people have taken to restore and/or promote peace in their communities and countries.

  Ways in which we can all work together to better nurture Peace.

As we intend to post these materials on social media platforms to call attention to the importance of and growing need for Peace, please note that:

  Videos should have a maximum of 3 minutes in length.

  Videos and pictures should be high-quality/high-resolution, and pictures in .JPG format.

  Content should be creative, attractive, dynamic and meaningful, bringing positive Peace messages to the world, and preferably making good use of local contexts and cultures.

  Language used must be: Chinese or English

  You are free to submit a maximum of 10 short videos and/or pictures, and each will be judged independently.

  Please provide a short description of your submissions and a short profile of authors (name, city/country of origin, occupation, age, gender.).

  All submissions are protected by copyright. Please indicate that you are the author and in that capacity authorizes UNESCO to edit (to fit the platform and slot available) and publish your works, in print and/or electronically, for any lawful and non-commercial use purposes.

All submissions should be sent to no later than 10 September, 2020. Any late and low-quality videos/pictures will not be considered.

The Ten Best submissions will be selected after carefully evaluation (on the basis of the following 2 criteria: suitability of the message for International Peace Day; and attractiveness to young social media users). The best submissions, or parts of them, will be shared on UNESCO and partners social media platforms, along with short profiles of their creators. In addition, we will do our best to feature as many of the other submissions as possible (but cannot promise to showcase all if the number is high), so as to give visibility to as many young people’s talents and creative works as we can!

Why are we working with young people for this campaign?

Young people, as agents of change, have been actively addressing challenges of conflict and violence, disinformation, racism and xenophobia, radicalization, and other threats to peace. Young people have also worked tirelessly to support families and communities to nurture peace through dialogue and mutual understanding, affected communities to recover, and raising awareness of the importance of peace. Youth like you play a tremendously positive role as peace builders and peace nurturers. To mark the International Day of Peace, we look forward to hearing your stories, and to support you in amplifying your influence and voice in building peace.

Why is UNESCO working on a Peace campaign?

As a specialized international organization of the United Nations, UNESCO has always been committed to fostering a culture of peace based on respect for life, mutual understanding and intellectual solidarity. Peace, as a critical enabler of other development priorities, is also recognized through Sustainable Development Goal 16. In fact, as you know, UNESCO was created “to build peace in the minds of women and men”, as the Preamble to our Constitution says.

  You may find more information on UNESCO work on promoting peacebuilding here:
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