LIPS Residency Programme Open Call

Changsha Development center of Media Arts | 05 24, 2019

LIPS is an exchange, research and experimentation space for young artists involved in the production of scenic and sound prototypes through which develop a reflection on the notions of co-writing, interdisciplinarity and intermediality.



The residents work together in 2 to 4 groups to achieve 2 to 4 collective projects presented during the 3rd workshop in March 2020.

LIPS is:

• An incubator which allows artists to explore hybrid artistic forms ;

• A 3 periods residency punctuated by meetings and exchanges with the supervising artists, stage & studio time and presentation time of work steps ;

• A professional training ;

• The provision of GRAME technical, artistic and scientific resources.



With 36 years of experience in new music, musical stage productions, new technologies, and arts & sciences connections, GRAME is now one of the eight centers for music creation labeled by the French Ministry of Culture. GRAME offers residency opportunities for composers, performers, researchers and artists of various disciplines. GRAME is also the organizer and producer of the Biennial in Lyon, a festival dedicated to exploratory musics and transdisciplinary writings: a series of innovative concerts, performances and exhibitions focused on sound medium. Each year, its educational and transmission projects aims at making discover the diversity, originality and vitality of new music.



10 selected candidates

5 supervising artists and theoreticians: Julie Desprairies, choré-graphe, Patrice Hamel, scénographe, Pierre Jodlowski, compositeur, NN, professeur d’histoire et d’esthé-tique du théâtre, Daniel Zea, compositeur et réalisateur en informatique musicale,

Guest artists and academics: François Chaignaud, Jean Geoffroy, Géraldine Kosiak, Sebastian Rivas.


Who for?

Artists and creators from all contemporary art forms:

• Having completed at least one project (which may have been done as part of their studies);

• Having a trans-disciplinary approach;

• Interested by music and sound production.



·Deadline for applications: June 20, 2019

·Admission decision notification: July 10, 2019

·Public presentation as part of the BiME (Biennal of exploratory musics) on March 29th, 2020

·1st session from September 30 to October 10, 2019

·2nd session from December 10 to 20, 2019

·3rd session from March 19 to 29, 2020



Accommodation and lunch covered by GRAME

• Admission fee: 120 euros



GRAME - Centre national de création musicale

11 Cours de Verdun (Gensoul)

69002 Lyon

T. 04 72 07 37 00

Infos :

Address::Room 705, Changsha Publicity Department, No.218, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C