Creative designs make more cultural products of Hunan known by the whole world

Changsha Evening newspaper | 07 08, 2018

Since 2013, the Liuyang River Music Festival has created a model of deriving multiple industrial chains from a certain cultural symbol or feature. Creativity can not only let a group of creative cultural products grow into Hunan’ s business cards, but also let our cultural consumption more diversified.


Better polish the business card of "Liuyang culture”

After five years of the hosting Liuyang River Music Festival, it connected industry with daily life, which became a new method of innovation.


In 2017, Liuyang River Music Festival opened a special section for cultural consumption. Through the tour of music festival, more than 10 kinds of Liuyang characteristic cultural and creative products, such as chrysanthemum stone, oil paper umbrella, had a better sale, increased by 45.3% over the same period of last year.


Liuyang Fireworks is a world-renowned brand. In recent years, with the enhancement of people's environmental protection consciousness, traditional fireworks consumption has decreased. However, In Liuyang, a new type of “sulfur-free propellant” has been promoted in major fireworks production companies, and many low-smoke and smoke-free products are increasingly favored by consumers. Nowadays, many Liuyang fireworks and firecrackers companies are no longer winning by the quantity, size or sound of fireworks, but the art and culture behind them. At the same time, the "Internet+ Fireworks" and chain operation mode has been introduced to the public nationwide, opening a new path for the fireworks industry to extend the fireworks culture and enhance the its value.


In the first quarter of this year, Liuyang 's fireworks industry cluster achieved a total output value of 6.56 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%. In the first half of this year, Liuyang successfully held the 2018 China (Liuyang) International Fireworks and Firecrackers Fair and reached a trade volume of 1.17 billion yuan during the festival.


Mysterious female script stunning the world together with cultural and creative products


The Hunan female script is the only existing female writing and female literatures of mankind. It is a mystery of the ages, which full of Chinese characteristics. The Xiang’nv Chuyun Female Script Art Museum in Hunan Province displays many female script artifacts such as "axis, banner, album, hand scroll, female fan, and so on. The exhibition has a unique style, which not only maintains its original charateristics, but also has innovation. At the same time, the art of female script is combined with the Hunan cultural brands such as Xiang embroidery, Tongguan kiln and Anhua fermented tea, and innovatively develops artworks, handicrafts and souvenirs with artistic elements of female script.


  (As an unique kind of written form recording the local dialect of women living in Jiangyong County of Hunan province, female script has been passed down among women in this county and nearby regions.)

  Introduce Chinese symbols better into culture creative design

As for creative designs, we also turned our attention to Chinese characters.


Recently, the world's first Songdan Chinese Character Art Exhibition with the theme of Chinese character art was awarded as the Important National Cultural Export Program from 2017 to 2018. Song Dan, a Chinese contemporary visual artist, designed the works combined with Hundred Family Surnames, which perfectly integrate the Chinese characters like Li, Wang, Zhang, Liu, Chen and other surnames into the shape of the "pot", so that Chinese characters exude different beauty. Taking "Song Dan’s Chinese Character Art" as a bridge, the dishes, embroidery, kiln, tea and other famous products of Hunan with creative designs are introduced to the whole world.


"Chinese characters that have been inherited for thousands of years are not just readable symbols, but also visible shapes, which have profound cultural and rich emotional connotations. By constantly innovating Chinese fonts, Chinese characters can accompany us in a more interesting way. " Song Dan said.
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