The fusion of psychology and dance choreography creatively

News Changsha | 06 11, 2018

  The fusion of psychology and dance choreography creatively

  "One person, one story" dance officially staged at Central South University

  ("One Person, One Story" dance is on stage at the South Campus of Central South University.)

  (The teachers and students use dance to tell their stories.)

  (The theater is neither a pure dance performance, nor a simple creation report.)

  (In addition to combining dance knowledge, the course will let students know their hearts.)

On the evening of June 10th , the “One Person, One Story” dance which was hosted by Central South University, Central South University School of Architecture and Art and Changsha People Art Dance Troupe was staged at the South Campus of South Central University. Teachers and students use dance to tell their stories, use people to interpret real things, and express true emotions with true feelings. It is an innovative teaching method which combines psychology and choreography together.


As the general director of this performance, Guo Beibei, an associate professor of music and dance major at Central South University, introduced the reason of combination of psychology with dance creation. She found that “psychology” dominates our mood and influences our behavior, so she wants students used dance to convey their true feelings from bottom of heart. This practice had been going on for four years. “Students release their inner repressed emotions through this creative learning model, they could open up their body language, expand creative thinking, and improve their ability to communicate with the outside world.”
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