8 Young Artists to participate in the Experience Changsha Media Arts and ICH Program

Changsha Evening newspaper | 05 24, 2018

8 young artists from countries along the Belt and Road will participate in the 3-week in-depth Experience Changsha Media Arts and ICH Program from May 27th to June 15th. And a series of creative works is expected to be completed after the experience program.


Promise realized


These 8 young artists are invited by Changsha municipal government and UNESCO, as a fulfillment of last year’s promise that Changsha was to establish an awards program to cultivate international young talents in creativity and launched the Experience Changsha Media Arts and ICH Program when it officially became a member of the UCCN.


On April 19th last year, Changsha Declaration was released which proposed suggestions to the Creativity and Heritage policies and perspective. It linked Changsha with countries and international organizations around the world.


Inspirations to be explored


These 8 young artists will explore natural, historical and social resources and media arts programs in Yuelu Academy, Orange Isle, Hunan Museum etc., as well as learning local arts like porcelain making and paper cutting in Tongguan Kiln Site. For the final week of their visit, the artistic works created by these youth artists which combined their inspiration and learning from this experience will be put on the Hunan Media Arts Exhibition.


Cultural stories of Changsha to be told


These 8 young artists, aged from 22 to 30, are from different countries, such as Morocco, India, Republic of Malawi, The Republic of Azerbaijan, Zambia, Egypt and Belarus, and majored respectively in sustainable urban development, culture and art media, cultural heritage protection, etc.


Abdellah from Morocco said during the introductory session that he hoped to know more, through this program, about how Changsha, as a creative city, promoted its culture through infrastructures.

Sara from Egypt could not wait to explore Changsha, “I hope to hear more Changsha stories!”

Joseph, a musician from Zambia hoped to build an artistic space by music so that youths could do creative things in it.

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