“How should young people protect cultural heritage?” ---Discussed in the youth panel discussion

News Changsha | 05 23, 2018

  (Youth Panel discussion focusing on “Advancing Development through Creativity” and “Promoting Youth’s Participation in Heritage Protection”)

  (Square vessel with four rams, bronze rituals cast in the late Shang Dynasty appears also in the discussion)

  (Discussing how to participate in the protection of cultural)

  (The audience were listening to others carefully)

On 23rd May, the Youth Panel Discussion, as part of 2018 Changsha Media Art Festival and the International Youth Forum on Youth Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads, was held successfully in a conference venue near the Meixi Lake. Young people from countries along the Silk Roads gathered together to discuss and exchange ideas about two main topics, which are “Advancing Development through Creativity” and “Promoting Youth’s Participation in Heritage Protection”.


Whether we should focus on inheritance or innovation, or both need to be emphasized with balance? After serious discussion, they reached an agreement that culture is an important "adhesive" that integrates the countries along the Silk Road and a carrier that promotes mutual understanding among the people of these countries. Therefore, every citizen should jointly promote and protect his or her own cultural heritage as well as others’ heritage. At the same time, to benefit the whole world, young people should participate actively in all kinds of creative works and try to bring new ideas and solutions through cooperation with different fields, such as creative industries, art and education.


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