Experiencing Cultural Interaction in Plan8t

News Changsha | 05 23, 2018

On May 22nd, DelegateEs and volunteers of IYF2 visited Plan8t (P8), a creative community in Changsha county, as part of cultural events of this forum, many of them were amazed by the modern arts show which was divided into three separate sectors: new-media art show, EastCounty market and post-modern multi-senses show.


The new-media art show combined magnificent ancient oriental culture and modern cutting-edge technology, featuring in Chinese operas interacting with ambient elements, light and musical show of the story along the Belt and Road. The show enabled the audience to experience Chinese culture especially Changsha Intangible culture in a global view.


EastCounty market was specially designed for ‘the Belt and Road’ youths. It was created in the building of SkyCity-mainly focusing the relationship between climate and technology, and how we could live in a more sustainable and environmental-friendly way under the context of climate change. Audiences could not only buy artists-made handcrafts, but also participate in the flash mob show designed by BlueSky laboratory which had won 2018 Red Dot Design Award and the Traffic-related gadgets show designed by Plan8t artists.


Different from the bustling new-media art show or EastCounty market, the post-modern multi-senses show was much quieter. The stone carillon, the basin inscribed with dragon patterns, the stone chime, the crystal tubes, the iron cello, the wooden drums and the bagpipes, these post-modern instruments were played together on behalf of the various musical elements and styles from the oriental and occidental culture, representing conversations between people of different cultures.


Medine, a youth from Denmark said she was lost in deep thought during the multi-senses show, “It is such an unforgettable conversation (between people and those musical instruments)”. She took plenty of photos with her camera intended to share them with her friends, “I have to tell them when I get back. Changsha is very worth visiting!”


Hassib from Bangladesh was totally amazed by Plan8t, he felt grateful for Changsha people’s hospitality and was impressed by the innovations of Changsha artists. He wished to use the following days of his visit to learn more about Changsha’s culture and its spirit and try to know more about China from the view of Changsha.


Plan8t is a sustainable innovative community, a paradise for makers and an incubator for creative projects. It stands on the site J57, BROAD Town in Changsha and was a masterpiece itself, given the fact that this 57-floor building was completed in 19 days and featuring in conceptive vertical city, modularized steel structure, heat-preserving walls and zero construction garbage. It shows to people a glimpse of our future for sustainable city.

Address:Room 712, Changsha Publicity Department, No.218, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C