Councilor of York City: Innovation drives development

News Changsha | 05 22, 2018

On 22nd of May, during the High-level forum discussion of 2018 Changsha Media Art Festival and the International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads, Nigel Ayre, Councilor of York City which is also the member city of UCCN, admitted that creativity is essential to the successful future development of a city.


Nigel mentioned: “Our economic development strategy points up two different possible paths that our city could take over the next 15 years: First, the city remains much as it is now with an excellent reputation as a top destination for tourism, education and quality of life. In the second scenario, the one that we are determined to pursue, York is recognized as the intellectual hub of the Northern UK, a number of distinctive industries which rely on the local skilled talents.”


He believes that innovation is very important which guides York to choose the second option. “We attach great importance to UNESCO creative cities in this respect, and we are determined to use innovation as the cornerstone to guide us to achieve a strategic economic development goal of York, to contribute in achieving cultural identity and shaping the image of the city. A bright and proud achievement was made."

  (High-level forum)

  (Nigel Ayre was speaking at the forum.)
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