Youth Party Held in the world’s biggest Private Art Museum

Changsha Evening Newspaper | 05 22, 2018

A Youth Party was held in the world’s biggest private art museum, owned by a Chinese artist Li zijian, as one of the cultural events during the Youth Forum on May 2nd. The party was joined by over one hundred youth including Youth delegates, international students studying in Changsha and youth volunteers. They had an enjoyable afternoon together.


Li xiao’an, a doctor from Ukraine and now studying PHD in Central South University, Changsha recommended Taiping (peaceful) street and other historical sites in Changsha, “You really should go and have a look!” she said.


A Mongolian girl, Wen who was also studying in Central South University recalled her visit to Changsha Museum the other day, “You cannot see those ancient masterpieces anywhere.”


Zahra from Afghanistan told us that this was the first time for her to visit this city, “I major in international relationships and it is awesome to have such opportunities to meet youths from all over the world!”
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