Youth representatives from all over the world visit intangible cultural heritage art exhibition and media art image exhibition.

Changsha Evening Newspaper | 05 21, 2018

  The opening ceremony of the 2018 Changsha Media Arts Festival and international youth forum on creativity and heritage along the silk road was held today. The outstanding youth representatives from all over the world have arrived in Changsha. Yesterday, some youth representatives visited the intangible heritage art exhibition and media art image exhibition. They felt the profound cultural foundation and experienced the exquisite intangible cultural heritage craftmanship and saw the thriving cultural and creative industries in Changsha ahead of time.

  Youth representative from Azerbaijan appreciated the exquisite craftmanship of Hunan embroidery

  Although the exhibition hall of Meixi Lake Jinmao Hotel is small, but rich in content. The Media Art Image Exhibition showcases Changsha cultural events such as the Orange Island Firework. When the youth representatives learned that they would watch the digital photoelectric firework show tomorrow and feel the charm of the firework on the spot, they were very happy. As for the intangible cultural heritage art exhibition, there are five major exhibition areas, such as “Xiang embroidery and dough modeling”, “TongGuan Kiln”, “palm plaiting and paper-cutting”, “Chrysanthemum stone carving and olive kernel carving”. All of exhibits are representative of Changsha’s intangible cultural heritage projects and showing a unique feature of Changsha. Freddy from Central Africa walked into the exhibition hall and he had a strong interest in Xiang embroidery at his first glance. A Chairman Mao's head portrait embroidery exhibited and Freddy was amazed by the exquisite craftsmanship of it.

  In addition to the physical display, youth representatives from various countries also tried to make dough personally. The Guan Gong dough modelling works exhibited this time are mainly based on the opera stage, and the characters are antique. They all show the unique character of China. Although the styles are different, the dough modelling works are like the anime souvenirs which are popular among young people. Youth representatives from all over the world enjoyed them all.
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