@International Students at Changsha! It only takes 9 USD to enjoy shows at Meixi Lake International Culture Arts Center

News Changsha | 03 26, 2018

Meixi lake International Culture and Arts Center has launched the "dream realizing project" for college students, which means that students of the cooperation institution, with student ID card can enjoy dream realizing discount: spend 60-100 yuan to buy the real value of 180-480 yuan tickets for shows, in close contact with the world's top high art performances.

A musical "bodyguard" hit Changsha city in 2017. "Bodyguard", a pilot program for the "dream project", has received a tremendous social response. The musical was so popular among the students that even with eight shows in six days, it is still hard to find a single ticket. Since "bodyguard", Meixi Lake International Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater has been on the road of "the dream project", and many performances have successively introduced the student discount. Taking the student ID to Meixi Lake to see the performance has become another kind of artistic lifestyle for college students in Changsha.

In 2018, Meixi Lake International Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater "dream project" set sail again. Up till now, 2018 University Student Art "dream project" has already stationed at its first two stops: Central South University and Hunan University.

Next, the campus activities will be carried out successively, and all relevant notices will be released at the official WeChat of Meixi Lake International Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater. International students can also focus on, so as not to miss the opportunity to get discount.

Address:Room 712, Changsha Publicity Department, No.218, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C