Foreign friends visit Tongguan kiln and are amazed

Changsha Evening Newspaper | 04 11, 2018

“The porcelain of Changsha kiln is magnificent!” “This turns out to be how ancient Chinese porcelain was made!” The Tongguan Street of Wangcheng District welcomed a group of foreign friends yesterday. They visited the Changsha Tongguan Kiln Site, touched the porcelain, toured the architectural complex in ancient Chinese style and was truly amazed by them. The same day, led by experts, over 40 foreign students made their visit to the ancient town of Tongguan kiln, and attended the “Changsha Kiln and Maritime Silk Road” themed lecture.

“The porcelain of Changsha Kiln is truly exquisite, and quite different from that of Yemen and the Changsha Kiln itself is the best proof of sino-foreign cultural exchanges. I must take such porcelain culture home and introduce it to more people,” said Mohan form Yemen, and that it is his first time here, “I have been to many places in China, and yet have never seen such wonderful one, because in the porcelains, I saw the extensive and profound Chinese culture.”

“Changsha Kiln is an important site for the study of the history of Sino-Foreign economics and trade and Huxiang culture, which is also a model for commodity economy. Bringing students here today can help them better understand Chinese culture.” The expert Liu thought that with the development of society, the progress of science, and the improvement of the quality of the people, the historical, scientific, cultural, and artistic value of Changsha Kiln are increasingly gaining attention of the world. “It can be seen that the porcelain of the Changsha Kiln does not only contain the traditional Chinese cultural elements, but also the cultural elements from West Asia and South Asia. We need to learn about not only Changsha kiln culture, but also the spirit of openness and tolerance in the ancient Silk Road. ”
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