64 cities join the UNESCO Creative Cities Network

UNESCO | 11 01, 2017

© UNESCO31 October 2017

64 cities from 44 countries have been designated as UNESCO Creative Cities by Director-General, Irina Bokova. They join a Network at the frontline of UNESCO’s efforts to foster innovation and creativity as key drivers for a more sustainable and inclusive urban development. This network attracts growing interest from local authorities.

“These new designations showcase an enhanced diversity in city profiles and geographical balance, with 19 cities from countries not previously represented in the Network” declared the Director-General. She added, “The cooperation framework proposed to foster candidate cities from the Africa region – a UNESCO Global Priority – has been a true success with 9 African cities now joining the Network.”

The new 64 UNESCO Creative Cities are:

  Alba (Italy) – Gastronomy

  Almaty (Kazakhstan) – Music

  Amarante (Portugal) – Music

  Auckland (New Zealand) – Music

  Baguio City (Philippines) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Barcelos (Portugal) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Braga (Portugal) – Media Arts

  Brasilia (Brazil) – Design

  Bristol (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – Film

  Brno (Czechia) – Music

  Bucheon (Republic of Korea) – Literature

  Buenaventura (Colombia) – Gastronomy

  Cairo (Egypt) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Cape Town (South Africa) – Design

  Carrara (Italy) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Changsha (China) – Media Arts

  Chennai (India) – Music

  Chiang Mai (Thailand) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Chordeleg (Ecuador) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Cochabamba (Bolivia [Plurinational State of]) – Gastronomy

  Daegu Metropolitan City (Republic of Korea) – Music

  Dubai (United Arab Emirates) – Design

  Durban (South Africa) – Literature

  Frutillar (Chile) – Music

  Gabrovo (Bulgaria) – Crafts and Folk Art

  [City of] Greater Geelong (Australia) – Design

  Guadalajara (Mexico) – Media Arts

  Hatay Metropolitan Municipality (Turkey) – Gastronomy

  Istanbul (Turkey) – Design

  João Pessoa (Brazil) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Kansas City (United States of America) – Music

  Kolding (Denmark) – Design

  Kortrijk (Belgium) – Design

  Košice (Slovakia) – Media Arts

  Kütahya (Turkey) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Lillehammer (Norway) – Literature

  Limoges (France) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Łódź (Poland) – Film

  Macao Special Administrative Region, China (Associate Member, UNESCO) – Gastronomy

  Madaba (Jordan) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Manchester (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) – Literature

  Mexico City (Mexico) – Design

  Milan (Italy) – Literature

  Morelia (Mexico) – Music

  Norrköping (Sweden) – Music

  Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Panama City (Panama) – Gastronomy

  Paraty (Brazil) – Gastronomy

  Pesaro (Italy) – Music

  Porto-Novo (Benin) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Praia (Cabo Verde) – Music

  Qingdao (China) – Film

  Québec City (Canada) – Literature

  San Antonio (United States of America) – Gastronomy

  Seattle (United States of America) – Literature

  Sheki (Azerbaijan) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Sokodé (Togo) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Terrassa (Spain) – Film

  Tétouan (Morocco) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Toronto (Canada) – Media Arts

  Tunis (Tunisia) – Crafts and Folk Art

  Utrecht (Netherlands) – Literature

  Wuhan (China) – Design

  Yamagata City (Japan) – Film

  Since 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network highlights its members’ creativity within seven fields: Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts and Music. It now counts a total of 180 cities in 72 countries.

  While differing geographically, demographically or economically, all Creative Cities commit to develop and exchange innovative best practices to promote creative industries, strengthen participation in cultural life, and integrate culture into sustainable urban development policies.

  Within the framework of the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda, the Network provides a platform for cities to demonstrate culture’s role as an enabler for building sustainable cities.

  The next Annual Meeting of the Creative Cities Network is scheduled to take place in Krakow and Katowice (Poland) in June 2018.

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