Don’t Miss This Intangible Cultural Heritage Event

News Changsha | 07 30, 2017

As one of the campaigns of Hunan Culture and Natural Heritage Day , the Yuhua(China) Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Festival was held in Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum in Yuhua district, Changsha on July 29th.

  The closing ceremony of the 3rd Yuhua(China) Intangible Cultural Heritage Art Festival

  The folk song "Wuwa" of Yao minority -- “His singing sets my heart racing”

  Dance--"Han Rhymes

  Changsha storytelling--”Old trees sprout new shoots”

  Dance--”A couple on the table of eight immortals”

  “Welcome to Dong Village“-- a song performed by Dong Minority

The closing ceremony invited 17 inheritors of state level and provincial level, including that of Hunan embroidery-- Liu Aiyun, Kunqu Opera-- Luo Yan. Also, Cultural Volunteer Art Troupe of Yuhua district attended the ceremony. They combined Intangible Cultural Heritage with modern elements, creating a new charm.

July 10th is the first Hunan Culture and Natural Heritage Day. From July 10th to 30th, Yuhua district Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum would host a series of events, offering citizens a cultural feast.
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