The first original technology show My Future released on T-EDGE Lifestyle Festival

Tmtpost | 07 23, 2017

Cultural technology show: My Future


On July 22nd, the release conference of the first global original technology show My  Future was held on the 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle (Technology&Life) Summit. Tens of hundreds of participants on the spot watched the 180-second exclusive video together.


The show My Future will be broadcast in late July, where technology higher-ups instead of entertainment big shots would be the main roles on the stage. In addition, the show will present to the audience the advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicle performance and intelligent terminal development.


2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Festival, a big event made by Tmtpost focusing on the presentation of advanced technology and creative and imaginative space, covers even exclusive parts including future commuting method and vehicles, smart home, technology and entertainment, technology and finance, future retailing, medical health and fashion consumption, which aims to open the door of future life to the public.


My Future is innovative in its content and form, and the three co-producers including Tmtpost, Hunan TV and Vivid Media, all believe that inter-sectoral cooperation between technology and cultural entertainment will stimulate more and more sparks of  ideas.
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