More than two hundred children performed Guzheng at Changsha Concert Hall

News Changsha | 06 27, 2017

Last night, a Guzheng special performance named as “Colorful Folk Music” fulfilled the dreams of over 200 outstanding children and enabled the kids to stage in a professional concert hall.


  Guzheng performance : Beautiful China

  Guzheng performance: The Forest Rhapsody

 Over two hundred children played Guzheng in a new and fresh style in Changsha Concert Hall

Selected from Qin Yi Music Workshop and Zhengaiyisheng Art School, these little players, brought a brand-new experience for the audience with a fresh interpretation of Guzheng (a chinese traditional musical instrument) music.


The repertoire includes classic and recomposed works such as the compositions of the Pilgrimage to the West and Guzheng music with unique local characteristics.
Address:Room 712, Changsha Publicity Department, No.218, Yuelu Avenue, Yuelu District, Changsha, Hunan Province, P.R.C