Hunan University New Channel│an amazing adventure of culture and design

Hunan Today | 02 14, 2017

New Channel is a program set up for economically less developed ethnic minority regions that have unique natural environment and abundant intangible cultural heritages. By combining the traditional handicraft and design, marketing the products and realizing the value added, the program not only successfully achieved the purpose of protecting intangible heritage, but also improved the living standards of local residents.



Dong minority children’s portrait

Textiles, weaving, paper-cut, sculpture, porcelain, playthings and other local specialties

Delicate ornaments

Chicken-like weaved products of the Year of the Rooster

Hand-weaved scarf with unique color of Dong minority

Serial reading materials of New Channel

Wall-hangings and brochures

Pottery tea sets

Culture products of New Channel

 Local specialties from Dong Autonomous County


A special tea from Huaihua, in southwest of Hunan

Porcelain tea sets at a fairly high price

  A combination of avant-garde design and traditional craft work

Tea sets

Lighting fixtures

Yuelu Academy culture products

Package designs with regional features

  Unique colors and patterns of Dong minority

Exquisitely packed local specialties
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